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Don't Leave Your Family Photos Behind When Jumping the Gap

Do you find yourself straddling an ever-widening digital divide? This divide is particularly the case when it comes to a family’s personal photos...

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Gary Pageau's personal photo collection as he starts out to digitize them using the Kodak Professional Photo Scanner rented from E-Z Photo Scan
This is a story about digitizing your family photos. A veteran in the world of marketing and publishing within the photo industry, Gary Pageau, sets out to tackle the digitization of a treasure trove of his printed family photos having fallen into disarray and fading into obscurity.
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The first digital image made on a computer in 1957 showed researcher Russell Kirsch's baby son. Credit: NIST
So you thought digital photographs were a relatively new arrival that swept in as we began the 21st century? 
Well, guess again. The first digital photograph was produced in 1957 and is celebrating its 60th anniversary.
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Development of Toolbox of Photo Organization and Scanning Utilities Underway

Compatible with both Win or Mac Operating Systems, the E-Z Photo Scan Toolbox will offer a simple, no-frills approach to making available key utility applications and calculators used to serve as support tools in the process of photo organization and digitization.

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Kodak Picture Scanning Software with Kodak Perfect Touch
Did you know you can use the Kodak Perfect Touch feature on the Kodak Picture Scanning Software to enhance other digital photos than those scanned with the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner? Read More

4 Tips for Creating a Photo Scanning Project Workflow that Really Works!

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage the flow of work for that photo scanning project? Then you're in luck!

This webinar is going to show you how to group a set of tasks into processes, determine the resources required to do those processes, and oversee all the interactions to complete the project.

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Experts Share Tips During Save Your Photos Month

September is 'Save Your Photos Month'. We've got 8 terrific photo saving tips from experts in photo organizing, family history, photo enthusiasts, and industry professionals that will inspire you on your journey to save your photos!

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10 Tools You Don't Want to Start Scanning Photos Without!

What's in your photo scanning toolbox? E-Z Photo Scan recently held a webinar letting attendees to peer into their photo scanning toolbox. They also shared how their photo scanning tools are grouped and classified.

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Planning an event with photo scanning?

A growing number of events are offering free photo scanning to introduce transforming old photo prints into digital images that can be saved using an increasing number of applications. This resource offers some of the key considerations when planning for such an event.

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3 More Tips for Helping Manage Your Scanning Old Photo Project

Learn about 3 more tips for helping to cross the finish line of your project to scan old photos and protect the stories they tell for generations to come.

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