Friends of the Library Photo Scanner Program

Learn how E-Z Photo Scan can help your library get the Friends of the Library Photo Scanning Package.



Imagine having all of the right tools at your fingertips that will allow you and your patrons the opportunity to digitize photos and treasured documents easily and affordably.

Now, imagine being able to offer these specialized   services in a way that allows for behind the counter and internal library use, and for patron walk up use too. And, the system is fully portable for special events or offsite community outreach projects.

Imagine No Longer...

With the “Friends of the Library Photo Scanning Package” you will be able to offer all of this and so much more!

The E-Z Photo Scan Team, experts in photo and document conversion, have put together an all inclusive package. It includes a state-of-the-art Kodak Photo Scanner and tethered flatbed accessory, touchscreen computer and laptop with all software and settings installed and ready to go. It is portable and comes with a protective carrying case, and all of the cleaning supplies needed. Plus, it carries a 3 year warranty.

How This Program Works

The “Friends of the Library Photo Scanning Package” program can be up and running in your library in just a few quick and easy steps.
First, funds for the photo scanning package are raised through your local Friends of the Library group either through donations from local business partners or through fundraising efforts.

Once funds are raised, the equipment package is leased/purchased through E-Z Photo Scan and is delivered to your library location.
When you receive your equipment package, setup is a breeze. Our E-Z Photo Scan Team makes sure that all of the required software is installed and fully functional before your package is delivered. This means that all that your staff will need to do is     unpack the scanners and computers, plug everything in, and start scanning immediately.

With the “Friends of the Library Photo Scanning Package” you will have everything that your library will need to offer walk up scanning services for your patrons, behind the counter scanning solutions for internal library use, and full portability for additional fund raising events, or community events.

What Is Included In the Friends of the Library Photo Scanner Package?

  • 1 Kodak PS80 Photo Scanner
  • 1 Kodak Legal Size Flatbed Accessory
  • 1 Kodak Photo Selector Accessory
  • 1 Kodak Photo Scanner Carrying Case
  • Scanner Cleaning Supplies Kit
  • 1 Custom Designed Carrying Case
  • 1 All-in-one Touch Screen Computer
  • 1 Laptop Computer
  • All Software Installed and Ready to Use
  • 3 Year Warranty

Fundraising Resources:

Here, you will find many resources that can help your Friends of the Library group with their fundraising campaigns:

  • Frontline Fundraising Toolkit  (A complete funraising toolkit provided by the American Library Association (ALA). This one resource covers everything from the basics of annual funds, to online and planned giving. This also covers how to deepen your relationships with your donors and how to move your donors from being one-time donation givers to long-term library supporters.)
  • How We Are Raising Funds at a Small, Rural Library   (A great article by the Ann Riegle-Coursey, Director of the New Madison Public Library, on some very creative and successful fundraising campaigns that she has used. As Ann states, "These examples show you that fundraising can be done successfully in a small, rural library, even in these trying economic times, even when businesses are failing, even when people are down on their luck. They will still give because they LOVE libraries.")
  • Fundraising Fundamentals  (A series of great podcasts that have been put out by "The Chronicle of Philanthropy". To access any articles, you need to be a paid subscriber. These podcasts are free and can be subscribed to through iTunes.)
  • Fund$ Raiser Cyberzine  (This is an online magazine that contains some great information and ideas on fundraising. And, best of all, it's free to subscribe to!)
  •  (This is a fantastic and free site that features many fundraising resources. From a library of free worksheets and forms that you can download, to articles and advice about fundraising, this site has it all.)

It’s as Easy as 1,2,3

Call E-Z Photo Scan today to learn more about the “Friends of the Library Photo Scanning Package”. Our team will help you and your library  keep, protect, share, connect, and preserve quickly and easily . It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!