Scan- Slides/Negatives

Slide and Negative collections present a special challenge. Families used to gather around the projector screen to reminisce about these most cherished, meticulous, and vibrant shots. Today, they often gather dust, with their contents long forgotten. E-Z Photo Scan digitizes slides at a high resolution one at a time using professional imaging equipment and then applies correct color profiles to adjust for the film original bias. Scanned slides are returned back, along with a digital copy organized by collection and saved on Gold Archival Preservation CD/DVDs. From $0.32 per slide

Basic Package (includes): $20.00 / order
1 ea. Gold Preservation Archival Disc (CD or DVD)  
30 Scanned Slides or 10 Scanned Negatives  
Graphics viewer with slideshow included on disc (PC compatible)  
30-day online media hosting service to access and share scanned photos from anywhere (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, & Android compatible)  
Additional Scanned Slides/Negatives (includes): 35mm Slides $0.32 / each
35mm Negatives $1.00 / each
Slides/Negatives carefully scanned in order  
Slides/Negatives scanned at high quality optical resolution  
Post-scan image enhancement, as needed  
After scanning, slides/negatives will be returned in the exact distinctive order as originally archived  


Additional Perservation Discs: $8.00 / disc
Does your order require more than the initial CD/DVD disc or would you like to share your scanned photos with family & friends by giving them their own set of discs?  
Additional Gold Perservation Archival Disc (CD or DVD)  
In-House Scanning: $25.00 / Hour
Scan in-house for only $25/Hour! Equipment will be setup for you to walk in and begin scanning! We will also be here to assist with any questions you may have during scanning. *Please call for booking  

Have lots of slides/negatives? Be sure to ask about our special pricing options when scanning more than 1,000 slides at a time!