Webinar Series - February 2017

Best Practices in Saving Your 35mm Slides Through Digitization

Between 1935 and the early 2000’s, hundreds of millions of pictures were recorded onto 35mm slides. As the Carousel Slide Projector was replaced with digital imagery, those trays or boxes of 35mm slides found their way into out of way spaces and became unviewable relics of a day gone by.

This presentation will explore how it is possible to revive these photographic gems and the memories they represent out of obscurity and available to be shared digitally with family, friends, and generations to come. We will look at the history of the 35mm slide, technologies for scanning 35mm slides, configuring slide scanning software, scanning techniques/tips, and post scanning corrections.

You don’t want to miss attending this webinar, as 2 lucky attendees will win the opportunity to have access for a full week to a high-quality/high-speed 35mm slide scanner capable of digitizing hundreds for slides per hour!