Consider Your Choices

Before You Buy A Photo Scanner


You have finally decided to do it. After pondering about how to get all those printed photos organized and digitized, you are ready to take the plunge.

That's great. But, before laying out cash for photo scanning technology here are few things to consider...

There Are Choices 

Buy the Best · Buy the Others · Don't Buy - Rent It!

buy the best

Reliable. Productive. Efficient. Flexible. Simple.

The Kodak Picture Saver Scanner is the world's first high-speed scanner designed specifically for digitizing photos and treasured documents. Now in its third generation, the uniquely designed Gentle Photo Separator and patented Open Imaging Guide guarantee your photos are transported more safely than any other auto feed device available.

According to PC Magazine's review, this scanner is designed for commercial scanning of customers' photos but is a 'tempting choice' for individuals with large photo collections as well.

That is why thousands of businesses, solopreneurs, organizers, and individuals have purchased a Kodak Picture Saver Scanner of their own. There is no doubt after scanning billions of printed photos this scanning technology has established itself as the industry's gold standard.

Starting at $1,199, the price of this high-quality/high-speed photo scanner represents only a small fraction of the costs associated with buying the film, taking-developing-printing the pictures, and storing even a modest sized photo collection. And for those looking for a scanning service to do the work for you, this investment pales in comparison to the fees for digitizing an entire collection.

buy the others 

Less Costly. Lower Quality. Simpler to Use.

There is another class of scanners claiming to be for scanning photos. However, if you are looking for high-quality results combined with high-speed, more often than not these units fail to deliver. Unfortunately, their photo handling design, auto feed path, and optics are more like modified document scanners merely marketed as capable of scanning photos. Most are not built from the ground-up for the purpose of scanning photos.

High-speed scanning units sold by Fujitsu, NeatReceipts, Epson, Plustek, Wolverine and the assortment of wand-type scanners often present with streaking, scratching, poor color quality, or low image resolution challenges. These units can range considerably in cost with most between $75 - $700, per scanner.

The adage, 'you get what you pay for,' definitely rings true as manufacturers cut corners to achieve low unit costs versus delivering the highest quality in scanned photo output. PC Magazine, in their review of the Epson FastFoto FF-640, referred to this class of scanners as overpriced and a 'novelty.'

These scanners are designed for those who set fewer expectations on quality, reliability, and efficiency. Instead, the focus is on the unit's purchase price and its simplicity. The appeal of these units are often transitory and aimed at the market space where good, is good enough.

rent, scan & save

A Way to Have the Best of Both Worlds!

So, how can you have use of the best photo scanner and not spend a fortune? How about a way to steer clear of scanning your photos using some novelty scanner? And, what about avoiding investing in something that may very well become an expensive doorstop when your photo scanning project is complete?

There is a way!

E-Z Photo Scan's Rent-a-Scanner program offers you access to world class Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Systems, with everything needed to scan your photo collection, regardless of its size. Plus, renting starts at less than ONE-HALF the cost of buying some of those 'wannabe' photo scanners.

We get why people may wish to invest in a photo scanner to have and use for themselves whenever they want. But for many folks, when the scanning project is over their photo scanner often sits idle collecting dust.

Renting offers you the best of both worlds including:

  • Timely Service

  • Access to World-Class Equipment

  • Flexibility with Your Schedule

  • Accurate Cost Control

  • No Large Capital Investment

  • No Maintenance or Storage Costs

  • No Equipment Depreciation

  • No Need for Equipment Disposal


Still Wondering What's The Best Choice For You?

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