Kodak Picture Saver Warranty (PS80 Hardware)

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  • Product Care and Warranty

    Kodak PS80 (Hardware) Extended Warranty, Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) continues the initial One Year, Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) Warranty coverage provided with your Kodak PS80:

    Must be purchased within one year from date of scanner purchase or at expiration.

    Coverage is for additional year(s) from date of scanner purchase or current expiration.
    Next-Business-Day delivery
    Customer receives a replacement scanner and returns the non-working scanner to Kodak using the supplied packing materials and pre-paid shipping label.  

  • Hardware Specifications

    About Advanced Unit Replacement

    AUR may be one of the easiest and most comprehensive service offerings in the industry. In the unlikely event of a product defect, for eligible purchasers of certain Kodak Scanners, Kodak will replace that product within two business days. The AUR provides advance replacement on specific failed or broken Kodak Scanner. To be eligible to take advantage of the AUR, the eligible purchaser must obtain an RMA number, sign an Advance Replacement Agreement and provide a credit card deposit to secure the replacement product. The RMA number should be kept in the event that the status of the replacement product needs to be checked. The eligible purchaser will be asked for the address where the replacement product is to be shipped. The eligible purchaser will also be faxed packing and shipping instructions for the malfunctioning product. The eligible purchaser will then receive a replacement product within 2 business days after the service call initiation and Kodak's receipt of the signed agreement. The malfunctioning product must be received by Kodak within ten (10) days of the end user's receipt of the replacement product or the end user's credit card will be charged the list price of the replacement product. Shipment of replacement Imaging Product will be made at Kodak's expense and choice of freight carrier. Shipments not made under Kodak's directions and choice of freight carrier may void the Limited Warranty. Before the product is returned to Kodak, be sure to remove all options and accessories (which include power cord, documentation, etc.) that are not covered by the Limited Warranty. The box and packaging in which the replacement product was shipped must be used to return the malfunctioning product. If the malfunctioning product is not returned in the box and packaging in which the replacement product was shipped the Limited Warranty may be voided. The Return Material Authorization Number ("RMA") must be clearly marked on the outside of the box to ensure proper receipt and credit of the defective product.

    All Kodak Scanners are subject to the Warranty Exclusions described in the User Guide that accompanies your scanner.


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