SlideSnap Lite Automatic Slide Scanner

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  • Production Quality Designs 

    SlideSnap offers an innovative solution to digitizing slide collections. Automatic slide advancing technology provides optimum imaging speeds, rated up to 45 slides per minute. Get high-quality digital images in a variety of standard formats (JPEG, RAW)

    Turnkey! Includes Canon G16 camera and custom scanning lens.
    NEW! Now has slide detection sensor for full autonomy and faster scans (4s per vs 6s per on G1)
    NEW! Now includes a copy of the SlideSnap Pro Auto Cropper application and a copy of BatchCrop for automated border removal as well as dust and scratch removal!.

  • Specifications

    Capture Quality

    12.1 MP captures for ~3000DPI 35mm scans

    Operational Speeds  Scans 800 slides/hour for rapid turnaround
    Light Source LED back light provides color consistency and a long lifespan
    Feed Transfer  Carousel fed for automated, reliable batch scanning
     3″ LCD screen for accurate scan review
    Camera Technology  Auto focuses each slide to guarantee sharpness
    Image Formats  Raw and JPEG capture for editing flexibility
    File System Saves scans to standard SD card. (16GB class 10 SDHC card included)
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    Software Specifications

    SlideSnap AutoCropper Bad Crop Prevention. Detects when a crop falls outside of an acceptable aspect ratio for a slide and sets the image aside for manual intervention.
    BatchCrop Application BatchCrop is a cross-platform Swiss army knife for your scans. It features a no-nonsense interface, blazing fast operation and great flexibility.

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