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4 Ways to Help Manage Your Project to Scan Old Photos

August 15, 2016

4 steps to building a solid foundation for your project to scan old photosBy following these four steps you are laying the groundwork to avoid the frustration of those unanticipated speed bumps guaranteeing your project to scan old photos results in a more enjoyable outcome. 

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Treasure to Trash: Journey of a Fragment in Time on KodaChrome

July 16, 2016

New York Times reporter Deborah Acosta unlocks the power of a bag of slides left on curb in NYC as trashA New York Times reporter had no idea how a single KodaChrome slide would turn into uncovering what was behind a mysterious bag of trash found on a sidewalk in New York City and how liberating its contents through social media would be to unlock the power of these treasures. 

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Save Your Photos 2016 | Take the Pledge, Host an Event, & More...

July 12, 2016

Save Your Photos 2016 - Take the pledge to save your photos...The run-up to this year's 3rd Annual International Save Your Photos Month, coming September 2016, is underway! Everyone is invited to participate. There are lots of ways to do so.

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Unlocking the Power of Photos at Your Next Family Reunion

July 11, 2016

Preserving old photos with a rental scanner at your next family reunion can be easy and fun! Summer is a time many families gather from all around the country, for family reunions. Renting a Kodak Picture Saver Scanner for your next reunion can offer a new and exciting fun way to share family photos .

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