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Whose Hands Are You In When It Comes To Photo Scanning Equipment?

February 07, 2017

Buyers Laboratory (BLI), a division of Keypoint Intelligence, and the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware and services, today announced that Kodak Alaris Inc. has won BLI’s coveted Scanner Line of the Year award for the second consecutive year.

When it comes to picking the equipment to scan your photos what are looking for? This blog examines how the brilliant messaging by an insurance company relates to looking beyond hype and price and get to some of the key factors in helping you to make that decision.

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You Can Do It: 6 Steps to Organizing Your Loose Photos

February 03, 2017

Are your old pictures stuck in dusty boxes? Here’s how to get them in order — and ready to tell your family’s story Cathi Nelson... Read More

3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Free Scanning Experience While Attending the World's Largest Family History Event

February 02, 2017

RootsTech Attendees Scanning Photos & Slides

RootsTech 2017 is E-Z Photo Scan's third year offering free do-it-yourself scanning for RootsTech attendees. It anticipates surpassing the milestone of digitizing more than a quarter-million images, during its 3 appearances of providing this free service. 

Here are 3 tips that we have found can make your participation in this scanning adventure fun and productive.

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Bring Your Family's Photos, Slides, & Books When You Come to RootsTech 2017

January 24, 2017

E-Z Photo Scan has been providing free scanning of photos and slides at RootsTech for the past several years and will eclipse a combined total of more than one-quarter million family photos at this year's event. Read More

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